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They say necessity is the mother of invention.

That's exactly how PayZoom got its start as a merchant service provider. From an industry that seems to be grounded in mendacity, PayZoom started by setting the bar in payment processing for merchant service providers everywhere.

No Early Termination Fees

It's crazy but true - we will earn your business every single day. No "get-out-of-jail" fees, no scheduled rate increases... as a premier merchant service provider, we're committed to giving you reliable electronic payment processing services you can trust.

PayZoom is in it for the long haul, and we'll meet your payment processing needs every step of the way. We hope to be the first and last relationship you'll ever need as a credit card processor.

We also proudly offer next-day funding - so you'll never have to wait on payment processing red tape before getting your money.

Interchange-Plus Pricing

Visa, MasterCard and Discover all have set payment processing fees for each industry, and those fees are passed through to every industry type. Whether you own a retail store, restaurant, property management company, utility company or work through a government agency, the payment processing fees are the same for every processor, from the largest to the smallest. Even though were not the largest merchant service provider in the world, we can offer these electronic payment processing rates wholesale to you; thats why were the preferred merchant service provider for major universities, restaurant chains and sporting venues all across the Southeast.

Regardless of merchant size, we offer Interchange-Plus pricing for your electronic payment processing because its fair. Period.

PCI Compliance

As a top merchant service provider, all our electronic payment processing platforms are PCI-compliant. We take the burden of PCI compliance off you! We ensure that all our merchants have filled out their SAQ each year; those that need a quarterly scan receive it automatically

Many of our competitors use scare tactics to convince merchants to buy terminals they dont need. At PayZoom, we examine your payment processing system and how you store cardholder data, and then make educated recommendations.

We even offer PCI 'insurance,' because no business is completely immune to a data breach; all we can do is lower our risk factors and stay up-to-date on new risks that pop up each day. In the unlikely event of a data breach, we'll be right by your side to help you through remediation.

Water for Life: Making a Global Impact

When you choose PayZoom as your merchant service provider, you help provide water to villages and towns all over the world. Through our Water for Life program, we partner with a charity organization that builds wells and cisterns for villages and towns that have no running water. Running water helps provide clean drinking water, irrigation for crops, and the means to sanitize utensils and medical instruments. Choosing PayZoom as the merchant service provider that handles your payment processing needs can make an impact around the world.