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  • CMN

    After interviewing nearly 100 different electronic payment providers, the Catholic Marketing Network chose PayZoom because of similar foundational beliefs and because of the way we do business. The CMN was formed in 1996 by Catholic professionals involved in a wide variety of activities related to the distribution of Catholic materials. Some were owners of Catholic gift and book stores, while others were involved in publishing or producing materials for the Catholic Church. The CMN is an association developed for enhanced buying power for Catholic churches, bookstores, schools and diocese across the country.*

    PayZoom is not a 501c3 or a nonprofit organization. We are a for-profit company and are not directly affiliated with the Catholic Church of North America, or any other church. Each of our members does belong to their own denomination or church and supports the local Christian church in their community.

  • ARA / AHA
    PayZoom is an active member of the Alabama Restaurant Association/Alabama Hospitality Association. We are an electronic payment provider for many members of the ARA/AHA and have an outstanding relationship with the board of directors and its members.
  • Water for Life
    When you choose PayZoom as your merchant service provider, you're helping us bring clean water to people all over the world. Through our Water for Life program, we partner with a charity organization that builds wells and cisterns for villages and towns that have none. Access to clean water means life for the people we help: clean drinking water, irrigation for crops, and the means to sanitize utensils and medical instruments.
  • FTS - First Data Platforms
    FTS offers the FDR, TSYS and Paymentech platforms. Because of our partnership with FTS, our merchants can roam between platforms based on their needs and available technology.
  • CheckMate

    PayZoom purchased CheckMate in July 2006. Since 2001, CheckMate has protected hundreds of clients with their check protection and electronic collection services. As a leader in check recovery services, CheckMate has an outstanding collection record.

  • NPC

    NPC is the 6th largest merchant acquirer in the country - and it's the largest US merchant acquirer for small- to medium-sized merchants. NPC never outsources customer service, and their call centers perform at incredibly high levels of efficiency as a result.

    NPC offers multiple platforms that provide today's merchants with the flexibility they need, including:

    • TSYS
    • Global East/NDC
    • Global Central/MAPP
    • PaymenTech
    • BuyPass
  • ProfiText and PlumReward

    ProfiText is the distribution partner for PlumRewards, one of the world's most innovative textvertising companies.