Restaurant Merchant Payment Processing Solutions

Interchange-Plus pricing is probably one of the most important things a restaurant owner can get from their merchant service provider. Let's face it: getting points or miles for dining out is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Our competitors typically put these rates in the "Non-qualified" category; if you see that terminology on your statement, we can help.

Many of our restaurant clients have chosen from our wide array of services to grow their businesses - including things like gift cards, loyalty programs, textvertising, bad check protection/check guarantees, POS systems and PCI compliance.

  • Gift Cards

    Using a gift card program can help you get new customers, keep old ones coming back and increase your bottom line. You need a merchant service provider like PayZoom to help you create a gift card program that works for you. We offer custom four-color cards and a cardless product to meet your unique needs. Payment processing for gift cards can be simple - let us show you how it's done.

  • Loyalty Programs
    Create a database of your customers while driving their purchasing behaviors directly to your business. Rewarding loyal customers creates more frequent customer visits. Give them double points on your slowest days and watch your business soar. Most loyalty systems can be fully integrated with your current gift card program.
  • Pay Cloud

    PayCloud is an app-driven solution that combines gift cards, loyalty cards and integration into Facebook and Twitter - all on the portable convenience of your customers' iPhones or Droids. The PayCloud solution stores your customers' gift card balances and allows them to pay easily, even if they forget their cards.

    PayCloud also offers customized loyalty solutions. It's easy. Just go to our back-office website and create a point system for your products and services. Offer double points on your slowest days and watch your business go from slow to grow!

    Ever wonder what promotions really work? Test them through PayCloud. Pay Cloud's back-office analytics give you the data you need to customize your marketing. Use PayCloud for:

    • Viral coupons
    • Facebook integration
    • Twitter integration
    • Customer loyalty programs
    • Stored value (gift card-less)
    • Visibility to other PayCloud members

    We'll walk you through the whole setup process. No worries - we'll set the whole thing up for you if you'd like. Think of us as your concierge of gift and loyalty.

    If you don't have a Facebook page, we'll help you set one up - and we'll even manage it for you.