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  • Retail

    We're a merchant service provider that believes you should only pay for what you keep - and giving a customer a refund shouldn't hurt twice. While most of our competitors keep the fee that Visa, MasterCard and Discover pay them for refunded transactions as additional profit, we return it to you.

    Our goal is to satisfy all your credit/debit card processing needs, no matter what.

  • Mail/Telephone Order
    Payment processing for mail and telephone orders can pose specific problems. We know that the right card payment solution can help prevent fraud and reduce costs, and PayZoom does exactly what merchant service providers should do: we help merchants relay the proper information to credit card providers for accurate payment processing. Call us today so we can create a card payment solution that works for you.
  • Hotel/Property Management

    We can integrate into most hotel software POS systems. We have integrated:

    • Comfort Inn and Suites
    • Holiday Inn Express
    • Hilton Garden Inn
    • Hampton Inn and Suites
    • Motel 6
    • Super 8
    • Compatible with most Choice Hotel Software Systems

    Our expert IT staff can help your company make a seamless transition - no interruptions to your current service, no unanswered questions; just quick, easy integration that works for you.

    Some property management merchants, like apartment complexes and rental management companies, can charge their customers a convenience fee to process credit card payments. With PayZoom's innovative payment processing solution, you can track payments and integrate elements from your existing customer database to process these transactions easily and securely. If you're tired of being a collection agent and would like to run your property management business efficiently, PayZoom's Convenience Pay product allows you to do just that--at no cost to you!

    • No setup fee
    • No annual fee
    • No support fees

    Start taking payments now for your property management organization. It's free, and it will help you increase your collection percentages and stabilize your cash flow. You'll also stay PCI compliant every step of the way -- we'll make sure of it.

  • Government/Utility Companies

    Government agencies and utility companies choose to work with PayZoom because of our professionalism, industry expertise and innovative payment processing solutions. We're qualified to provide advice that helps you make the right decisions for your organization. Our government payment processing services are second-to-none.

    With your merchant account, we can establish communication between your database and our payment processing portal. Your customers can pay bills online, and payments will immediately post to your CRM -- seamlessly and without extra steps that can produce costly errors. We've customized solutions for numerous cities and counties to accept tax payments online, receive payment for building, electrical, plumbing and other permits; we've also developed programs to provide the ability for government agencies to accept payment for licensing products including hunting, fishing and marriage licenses. We even created a way for local animal shelters to receive payments efficiently--all at no cost to the city or county agency.

    Click to learn more about:
    Government Payment Solutions
    Online Government Payment Solutions

  • Restaurant Merchants

    PayZoom offers all the latest features and technologies to ensure you get the best payment processing rates while remaining an efficient food service business. Accept all major credit cards and protect yourself against bounced checks. There are bonuses to signing up with PayZoom for restaurant owners including but not limited to:

    • Gift cards
    • Loyalty programs
    • POS systems
    • Textvertising
    • Bad check protection
    • Check guarantee
    • PCI compliance

    Click here to learn more:
    Restaurant Merchant Payment Processing Solutions

  • Custom API

    Custom API: PayZoom has a customizable API that can be tailored to fit into most environments. Our API has several advanced features for B-B clients, schools, hospitals and governments. Some of the features include:

    • Convenience Fee or Surcharge Ready
      • If your organization doesn't want to incur any cost to take credit cards, if you qualify under Visa/MC/Discover regulations, we will analyze your organization and can usually offer our "Zero Cost" option. All fees and many times, all necessary processing equipment can be absorbed through this option.
      • Government Entities
      • Schools (public, private, non-profit and for-profit)
      • 501c3
      • Utility Companies
      • Churches, Synagogues and Mosques
      • Fund Raisers
    • Interchange Management
      • There's more margin within Interchange to be "managed" than the "Plus" portion of Interchange-Plus pricing. Our system can help manage Interchange by automating certain fields that Visa/MC desire the presence of data but do not check its veracity.
    • Vault Feature which allows our clients to create customer payment profiles and store those payment profiles on our secure server. Checking out existing clients is a "one-click" process and doesn't require card re-entry.
      • Vault is secure as it is hosted in our environment. It is PCI Compliant.
    • Recurring Payments
      • We can validate a credit card with a "zero" charge to the card so you won't receive the painful phone calls for your clientele asking why you charged a penny or dollar to their credit card when establishing their recurring account.
      • We can establish recurring payments: weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
      • Start and finish dates for all transactions are controlled by you.
  • Business to Business

    Your merchant account can do more with PayZoom. Check 21 guarantees B2B checks and allows merchants to cash payroll and third-party checks.

    PayZoom is Level III compatible. We can process your invoices electronically and pass that data to your service provider, just as we've done for other Fortune 500 organizations.

    Our Interchange Management Solution allows you to view each transaction as it enters your organization and view its interchange category. This kind of visibility allows you to accurately project the cost of each card coming through your organization and make changes to the data collected at the transactional level when necessary.

    Large ticket processing is now available to all merchants without a fee. If you process $10,000 and higher transactions on a regular basis, PayZoom can really make an impact on your bottom line with our Level III software that captures large ticket transactions.

    We also create custom payment profiles for your returning clients. Using the most innovative technology, we develop solutions, much like Amazon and PayPal, that allow your clients to create unique profiles and pay with stored credit card numbers they've used previously. Furthermore, we store the data -so you're not on the hook for the compliance of stored credit card numbers.

  • eCommerce

    Having a PCI-compliant payment gateway is the first step to a successful eCommerce Site. At PayZoom, we provide only PCI-compliant gateways to our clients. Most of the time, we can integrate your current gateway right into our merchant account. Like flipping on a light, transitioning to an online payment solution from PayZoom happens with little interruption for your customers.

    We're compatible with major payment gateways, such as:

    • VeriSign
    • PayFlow Pro
    • PC Charge
    • FTS Connect
    • NPC Secure
    • Skipjack
    • and many more

    We can also allow you to create custom profiles for your return customers so they can enter their card data once and re-purchase over and over - using the same card, securely stored on our servers. Our custom payment solutions for eCommerce can help put you on a level playing field with the big boys!

  • Education

    Most colleges and universities are not taking advantage of the payment card industry's educational rates - and that's a shame, because many institutions are needlessly throwing money away. With a merchant account from PayZoom, we'll help you decide whether your institution should charge students a convenience fee when processing credit cards.

    • From the cafeteria to the stadium, PayZoom can help you accept payments anywhere on campus. We can assist in charity drives with a wireless wedge that slides right into your iPhone. At PayZoom, we can even build a website for a special fundraiser.
    • Stop going to the bank and depositing checks - our Remote Deposit Capture system will deposit those checks into your account overnight. Additionally, we can help you accept checks through your website for just a few pennies per transaction.
    • Allow us to create recurring billing programs for parents who want to divide tuition payments into monthly or quarterly installments.
    • Stay PCI compliant every step of the way, because at PayZoom, we take your customers' data security very seriously.
  • Bill Collection

    If establishing recurring payments for your clientele is important to you, we can help.

    Need to take checks over the phone? We can verify any check over the phone with a product that's integrated into your CRM.

    Ready to accept credit cards? PayZoom's expert consultants can help. Our merchant accounts offer the payment flexibility your clients need and provide you with an added layer of security when it comes to PCI compliance.

    Our next-day funding assures you that you'll receive your payments as soon as possible - and that's something you can take to the bank. Sound expensive? It's not. Call us so we can build your payment processing solution today.

  • Grocery

    Payment processing at a grocery store can be tricky, but PayZoom's project management team comes on-site to seamlessly integrate your POS system and PIN pads. With Back Office Check Conversion, we can save you time and money by converting hundreds of checks per day into one deposit - all from the convenience of your office.

    Our systems are all PCI compliant, so you never have to worry about losing confidential cardholder data. Additionally, we offer next-day funding - we'll help your business keep running smoothly because you receive payment as quickly as possible.

  • Petroleum/Convenience Stores

    PayZoom partners with BuyPass, one of the leading fuel networks in the country, to offer our merchants exceptional card payment solutions. We can integrate into most pay-at-the-pump systems, including Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire and Gilbarco. PayZoom can often integrate our services into your existing POS system without having to swap PIN Pads at the pumps. We also offer WEX and Voyager so you can process the full spectrum of cards - and all our systems are designed to keep you PCI compliant.

    Our expert IT staff will show up with all the equipment you need, ready to integrate your systems and provide hands-on training. With PayZoom on your team, you never have to worry about dropping the ball.

  • POS Systems

    At PayZoom, we offer an array of both open- and closed-architecture POS systems. Whether you are a multi-location retail chain or starting a small take-out restaurant, PayZoom can design and implement a POS system that features credit/debit card processing, designed for your needs and your budget.

    We're not just going to ship you a box and wish you luck! We will be there, on-site, making sure your staff is trained and that you're getting the most out of your investment. Our trained, professional IT staff ensures that you will be extremely satisfied with your new POS system.

    If we sell it, we support it. You'll never be left out in the cold when you purchase a POS system from us. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll take the system back within 30 days and give you a full refund.

    We offer lease-purchase solutions for all of our POS equipment. We don't traditionally recommend leases, but at the interest rates offered today, financing your POS system is the smart way to go. Even if you have cash-in-hand, our leasing rates are extremely low and you'll be surprised how easily you can fit into a new POS system for your retail store or restaurant.