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Business Consulting

Argos Business Consulting is a Business Consulting Firm designed to help struggling entrepreneurs right the ship.  At Argos, our concern is for you, the CEO of the company and how to move forward, maximize potential and live a fulfilling, balanced work/life.  Sometimes, just having an outside set of eyes on a problem can be incredibly beneficial.  Sometimes, having someone give you an honest assessment of where things are going if continued on the same trajectory can be the right inoculation at the right time. 


We often ask this question:  If I keep going the way I’m going, where will I be? 


Every business need capital.  Argos Business Consulting has injected capital into companies in the past to help things move forward, so we’re not opposed to investment opportunities if the right situation arises. 


Maximizing EBITDA and preparing for a sale:  Argos Business Consulting can make a thorough analysis of your organization in order to help you maximize profits as you look to sell your company.  In February of 2019, we helped an EU company earn over $750,000 more than was previously offered and closed the deal with one phone call!  Don’t sell your company without Argos Business Consulting.  We can help. 

Call us today if you need a breath of fresh air in your business.  Our knowledge, expertise, resources and unique way of seeing the business landscape could be the very thing your business needs.  Argos Business Consulting tailors its fee structure around each situation.  We guarantee that the value we bring is substantial or your money back.  You have nothing to lose.  Call us today or check out our website for more info: Argos Consulting