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Jennie Stuart Medical Center

PayZoom (PayZoom) helped Jennie Stuart Medical Center substantially lower processing fees on our rapidly growing electronic transactions. Not only did PayZoom lower our costs, they analyzed our internal processes and made recommendations to improve workflow and provided new equipment so we could capture electronic payments at all points in the hospital and at off-site locations. Further, PayZoom provided new ideas such as recurring payments and enhanced our online payments via our website while making sure we are PCI Compliant. I would highly recommend their services for cost savings as well as improving efficiency in operations.

Jim Bishop, CPA

Jennie Stuart Medical Center

Full Moon Bar-B-Q

Integrating a reporting system between all of their locations became mission critical after Full Moon Bar-B-Que quickly expanded from a small local restaurant to a restaurant chain with franchisees. Being able to accurately reconcile is important and can be time consuming if you don’t have the proper tools. “Having one tool and one log-in for all of our locations was extremely helpful,” said Joe Malouf, one of the founders of Full Moon Bar-B-Que.

And since then, Full Moon Bar-B-Que uses a wireless product for their catering and outside special events like City Stages of Birmingham. Significantly lowered rates and someone that is always there when we call. We’ve had numerous Electronic Payments Providers give us bids on our processing, but no one comes close to the price and service that PayZoom provides to our Restaurant group.

Joe and David Malouf, Full Moon Bar-B-Que

Parts Plus

Parts Plus has teamed up with PayZoom as an endorsed credit card processor. PayZoom is a Cutting Edge Leader of the electronic payments industry. PayZoom not only off ers Parts Plus members Low Cost Credit Card processing rates, they also provide ACH Services, Check Protection Services and Gift/Loyalty Card programs.

Mobile Bay Bears/Columbia Blowfish

“Getting a wireless solution in place was almost imperative at our stadiums in both Columbia, South Carolina and Mobile, Alabama. PayZoom helped design the right solution for us over 3 years ago and we’ve been using it ever since.”

When we had Hank Aaron’s 75th birthday party in Mobile, we were able to sell items for our silent auction through our mobile unit,” says Betty Adams, Comptroller for the Mobile Bay Bears a Minor League Baseball team for the Arizona Diamondbacks, located in Mobile, Alabama. Also, providing a tool for web-reporting and terminals at a very fair price, was a deciding factor in The Mobile Bay Bears & The Columbia Blowfish choosing PayZoom as their Electronic Payments Provider.

Calagaz Photo

Calagaz Photo is a nationally known printing company located in Mobile, Alabama. Providing print services for many large, national restaurant chains such as PF Chang’s, Ruby Tuesday and Moe’s, Calagaz had an array of needs that were met by PayZoom’s professional staff. “Having a free check collection service such as CheckMate really takes bad check collection off of our plate,” says Joe Calagaz. “It frees us up to run our business and be more productive.” Also, moving to IP transactions drastically reduced wait times for customers standing in line, waiting for check-out. “Service is also important,” says Joe, “And when we call them, we know they’ll be there to answer our questions and take care of our needs.”

Inmate Financial Services

“We needed an integrated payment solution for our Correctional Facilities. We needed kiosks in the lobby, a website and a call center. PayZoom built all three aspects from scratch for us, tailor-fitting everything along the way. All three of our payment options are completely integrated. Security is also a concern for us, and PayZoom provides that for us. Each call is recorded. Each payment at the kiosk has both audio and video recordings that are stored off-site at PayZoom’s data center. I had met with other payment providers about creating a solution and all were either cost prohibitive or they couldn’t get it done in the time-frame necessary. From start to finish, PayZoom had our website, call center and custom-built kiosks built inside of 6 months.”

Ian Williamson