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Business To Business Transactions

PayZoom understands your business-to-business direct transaction needs. From accepting large, sometimes six-figure transactions to Level 3 Support, we custom fit your payment solution to your needs. Unlike many processors, we have a variety of front-end platforms and software that we utilize, because there is never a one-size-fits-all, solution. If your business consistently accepts single transactions over $10K, we can help you save money on those transactions! There is a special program that the card brands have just for you.

Schools, Colleges, Continuing Education, and Day Cares

Even if you’re a for-profit college, continuing education provider, or daycare, you qualify for The Card Brands’ special educational rates. Many times, we see our competitors use the wrong and much higher Interchange for these organizations when they fully qualify for special program
rates. These rates can save you thousands of dollars from your monthly bills. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to see if you’re receiving the correct rates from The Card Brands.

PayZoom also offers an API interface with your website or CRM. Don’t buy proprietary software that locks you into one credit card processor! There’s a reason that monopolies are illegal and software monopolies are the new way for banks and processors to lock you into using their services so they can raise your rates slowly over time. Buying proprietary software will be more costly over time! Our tools are open for any processor to use. We’ll earn your business each and every month. We don’t think it’s right to lock our merchants into proprietary solutions that become cost-prohibitive to leave.

Its highly likely we already process payments for a college or University near you! If you need help with high processing costs, better customer service or PCI Compliance, call PayZoom today!

Government and Utility Companies

We were approached by a State DOC to build kiosks for jails so that visitors could place funds on inmate commissary accounts. Within six months, we built it and rolled it out to over 20 city and county jails for the state. Later, they asked if we could develop a call center so loved ones could call and add funds to inmate commissary accounts. We had the call center up and running within 45 days.
If your city, county, or state needs a solution. We either have it or we can build it. From processing payments for state parks, including their reservation system, to building and integrating a system for Judges of Probate, we are here to serve your needs. Utility Companies are always looking for ways to make payments simpler and easier for their customers. PayZoom has your solution! We offer kiosk processing, integrated open architecture APIs, mobile payments, website integration, and more! If you have a payment problem; we can solve it!

Medical & Dental

PayZoom gets your practice. Probably the largest sector of our business is medical and dental professionals. We can help you accept all card-types, including HSA cards in a convenient, compliant way. PayZoom can also take PCI Compliance off your plate, and since PCI Compliance
is rolled under the HIPAA compliance mandates, it’s something you don’t want to forget. 100% of our medical and dental merchants are PCI Compliant. Let us show you how the pros do it!


PayZoom is here to help the non-profit industry. We have special pricing for your non-profits.

Many software companies provide a quick solution for non-profits, charging your donors huge rates to give. We don’t do that at PayZoom. Let us develop a custom program that will minimize the fees either you or your donors pay! We aren’t looking to get fat off your donors like many processors are. We feel that the non-profits of this world do so much good, and we want to partner with you in your mission.

We have custom APIs, website integration, invoicing, recurring payments, mobile payments, PCI Compliance solutions and more. We will personally guide you through the electronic payments landscape. You’ll love our transparency. Let us share your vision!


PayZoom has an entire division dedicated to Petroleum Merchants. We know the Petroleum Industry.

We understand your pain and are fully integrated with most pay-at-the-pump systems. Would you like to start utilizing a Cash-Discount? We have your solution! Would you like to change processors but don’t want to spend thousands on new hardware at your pumps? We may have the ability to reprogram your pumps at no cost to you! Do you have a legacy Ruby or Topaz system that is no longer compliant? We have a cost-effective solution for you!


Do you just need an intelligent cash register, but don’t want to spend thousands on a new POS system? We may have a free solution for your retail shop. Do you need your inventory management system to talk to your website? We have an integrated system ready for you!

Do you need to stop paying expensive fees but don’t want to charge all your customers a cash discount fee? We have a fair, compliant hybrid solution to the cash discount. We have helped hundreds of retailers with their specific needs. We listen, then help provide the right solution that fits your needs. We sell multiple POS systems, not just one, because one system doesn’t fit everyone. We want you to spend time running your business, not running your Point-of-Sale system! Don’t let your POS System run you, let’s find a POS that is easy-to-use, customizable to fit your needs, open architecture, and PCI Compliant.

Lastly, do you have a legacy Micros system? Have you received a quote for thousands of dollars to get it compliant in order for you to continue accepting credit cards? We have a fully integrated solution that will allow you to continue using your legacy Micros POS, and still become PCI Compliant. Our solution costs hundreds, not thousands.


PayZoom has contracts to process through the Worldpay, TSYS, FIS, Paymentech, and Global platforms. Whether you are a branded hotel franchise, or small Bed and Breakfast, we have the ability to integrate with nearly every open-architecture POS system to fit your needs. Even if you’re a much smaller hotel or motel, and just need a stand-alone terminal, we have terminals that still utilize FOLIO numbers that have real-time, remote processing data. You don’t have to be there every minute of the day to know what’s going on at your property.


We love restaurants! We are compatible with most open-architecture POS systems like Hot Sauce, Aloha, Micros, Lightspeed, Clover, and so many more! We make PCI Compliance easy, and help your team accept payments as securely as possible.

You’ll also love the fact that our rates never change. If you’re utilizing our transparent, Interchange-Plus pricing model, then you’ll rest assured that the rates you receive above Interchange will never increase. That’s our guarantee, and we just put it into writing.

Lastly, do you have a legacy Micros, Aloha, or other older POS system? Have you received a quote for thousands of dollars to get it compliant in order for you to continue accepting credit cards? We have a fully integrated solution that will allow you to continue using your legacy Micros POS, and still become PCI Compliant. Our solution costs hundreds, not thousands.

Grocery, Food Processing, and Cold Storage Solutions

Few industries qualify for better Card Brand wholesale pricing than the grocery industry. Whether you have a cold food storage warehouse, food distribution company, or a small fruit stand, we can help you build the best solution for your organization. We understand that your margins are sometimes razor thin; we can help you maximize your profits on all electronic payments. We have tap to pay on most smart phones without the need for additional equipment. You still get wholesale grocery store rates from The Card Brands for all of our solutions!

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