Extra Credit

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Extra Credit is a partnership program offered by PayZoom

Processing designed to help nonprofit organizations increase revenue from constituent relationships. If PayZoom replaces one of your constituents’ current merchant service providers based on your referral, we send you a monthly “thank you” – and everyone wins.

How Does Extra Credit Work?

Many of your business-owning supporters accept credit cards, checks and online payments under their current payment processing system. If you refer a business owner to us and we take over as their merchant service provider, we send you a portion of the profits generated from that account. We guarantee that if your constituents switch to our payment processing service, they will not pay more than theyre currently paying. In fact, we can often lower the overall cost associated with their current payment processing system. We then give you a monthly revenue stream that positively affects your organizations bottom line.

Obviously, both your organization and your constituent can benefit by giving through Extra Credit.

At what cost? Extra Credit costs nothing more than a little of your supporters time. When we take over as their merchant service provider, they often save money. Our company mindset is to bring a little clarity to the often murky electronic payment industry and we provide easy-to-use, transparent payment processing services. PayZooms mission as a premier merchant service provider is to educate our clients and make hassle-free payment processing a reality.


The newest kind of advertising textvertising is cost-effective and easy to use. PayZoom partners with ProfiText in order to provide you with advertising solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of todays marketplace. We can help you maintain a customer database that tracks your clients buying habits so you can spend your advertising budget sensibly. Youll have a multi-faceted merchant account that directly meets your needs and helps grow your business.

Bad Check Protection/Check Guarantees

Part of being a top merchant service provider is looking out for our clients, so we use CheckMate to protect our clients from bad checks. With CheckMate, you can avoid the embarrassment and hassle of making phone calls, writing letters and otherwise attempting to collect on bad checks; CheckMate handles the dirty work so you dont have to. The fee is paid by the check writer never by the merchant. Since the funds arent guaranteed, this service isnt right for everyone. However, it can be an invaluable benefit to many.

POS Systems

As a well-rounded merchant service provider, we offer both open and closed architecture POS systems. Whether you own a retail chain with multiple locations or a small take-out restaurant, PayZoom will find the perfect POS solution for you. If youre looking for a cost-effective POS system to help run your business more efficiently, take advantage of our 30 years of experience. Get two quotes and then call us.

PCI Compliance

Each of our payment platforms is PCI-compliant. We offer PCI insurance because no one is immune to a data breach; in the unlikely event that a data breach occurs, well be right there beside you every step of the way.