Pricing Models

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Interchange Plus

There are three main pricing models that PayZoom offers. The first, is where you the merchant are paying the fees. We offer Interchange-Plus or “Cost” Plus for merchants that pay all or most of the transaction fees from their customers. Our pricing is transparent, you’ll know exactly the rates we charge above Interchange, and the rate above Interchange will never increase. That’s our guarantee. We don’t have higher rates above Interchange for non-swiped transactions, or rewards cards, or corporate cards. Our fees above Interchange are easy and fair.

If you’re tired of receiving the notice of a rate increase every six months from your current processor, please give us a call: 866.242.4325 or email us at [email protected]

Surcharge Program

Several years ago, The Card Brands made it legal and compliant for you, the merchant, to charge fee on credit cards—NOT Debit cards. The only real compliant way to do this is to delineate between debit cards (whether there’s a PIN entered or not) and credit cards. Our software knows the difference between debit and credit, so you don’t have to struggle with whether to charge the fee or not. Our system knows. The software will automatically add the fee on credit and omit the fee on debit. Furthermore, the system can allow your cashier to remove the surcharge for customers at their discretion. (We can also easily turn off this function so that a surcharge will always be charged. This is up to you.) Here are the basic rules of Surcharging, according to Visa’s own website:

  •  You must accept ALL cards. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
  • You must charge the same fee for all credit cards.
  • You may not charge more than 3%
  • You must be in a state that allows surcharging. (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and
    Puerto Rico do not currently allow surcharging)
  • You may not profit from the surcharge.
  • You may not charge a fee on any debit card, prepaid card, HSA card, or cash card.
  • You register with the Card Brands as a surcharging merchant.

Cash Discount

We will only allow you to run your own cash discount program at your discretion under the
following stipulations:

  • You sign a waiver stating that you know the program is not compliant.
  • You do not charge more than 3%.
  • You follow all of the Surcharging Compliance regulations listed above.