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POS Systems

We resell non-proprietary, open-architecture POS Systems. We partner with the best of the best POS Resellers. We make sure they service their products and offer them at a fair price. We also make sure they do not lock you into one credit card processor. Currently, we partner

  • Clover POS
  • LightSpeed
  • Order Counter
  • Dejavoo
  • ePN POS


We are open to partnering with new POS Systems. If you’re a developer, please give us a call. We’d love to hear about your solution.

Custom API

We offer API integrations through various platforms. All of our API solutions are compatible with the most predominant electronic payment platforms available:

  • FIS
  • North/Buypass/Nashville
  • TSYS
  • Global
  • Paymentech
  • Worldpay


We offer ACH services through several different sources that typically coincide with the virtual terminal or software you choose. ACH requires more stringent underwriting requirements.


We proudly offer Gift and Loyalty Solutions through two different vendors. You are welcome to check out each vendor and decide which one suits your needs best:

  • GiveX
  • Factor 4


We also offer digital gift card services through Factor 4.

Mobile Processing

No equipment, no problem! We now offer tap-to-pay transactions on most smart phones! These transactions are fast, secure, and easy for your mobile employees to take without typing in long card numbers, expiration dates or worse, taking a picture of the card for later use!
These transactions qualify for swiped transactions under Interchange, so they will also amass massive savings over the years! We also offer Bluetooth printers, cellular terminals, and even rental terminals for one-time events like concerts and trade shows.

No service, no problem. Our mobile solutions allow you to put your terminal into a store-and- forward mode that allows you to take transactions without an actual approval code or connection to the internet. Once the terminal is reconnected, it automatically settles these
transactions with nothing more for you to do.

Shopping Cart and Web Solutions

PayZoom is compatible with many off the shelf shopping carts, and we have a few of our own. Every solution is different, so please contact us today for help with integrating electronic payments into your website: 866.242.4325 or [email protected]

Custom Invoicing Solutions even through QuickBooks

Need to send an invoice to your clients?  PayZoom can integrate our invoicing system with QuickBooks so your accounts receivables are seamless and simple!  We make payments easy because we’re the experts!  Let us manage your payments so you spend more time running your business!

Medical Debt Collection and Payment Aggregation through PayZoom

When a medical debt collection company in Louisiana needed help processing payments they turned to PayZoom for help and PayZoom created a custom payment solution just for them.  To help drive card acceptance costs down, PayZoom integrated their ACH system into the debt collection company’s CRM and converted most of their credit card payments into ACH.  This not only helped their overall collection ratios and all but eliminated the possibilities of Chargebacks for these accounts, the solution saved them thousands each month in fees. 

Our salaried and well-trained Accounted Executives are paid to provide solutions for our clients.  We do our best to sit on YOUR side of the table when we tailor a payment solution for you.  Call us today for your tailor-fit electronic payments solution! 

High Risk Payment Processing for the Credit Repair Industry

In 2016, PayZoom, Inc. was called to Orlando, Florida to help a group of Credit Repair companies processing over $10M/year in electronic payments through a gaggle of processors that were holding their money for up to 90 days and charging exorbitant fees to process their payments.  PayZoom, Inc. stepped in and solved their payment processing problem and found a permanent home and a single point of contact for all of their electronic payments. 

PayZoom can help credit repair companies navigate through the underwriting guidelines of a legitimate processor and help build your company’s reputation and credit worthiness.  Partnering with PayZoom can help your credit repair company grow exponentially without desperately trying to solve cashflow needs. 

CryptoCurrency Integration:

When an International California Tech Company processing almost half a billion dollars in electronic payments wanted to integrate their current payment processing system with Bitcoin, PayZoom leveraged their global payment partnerships in the EU to help them integrate not only with Bitcoin but with an entire basket of Cryptocurrencies.  Leveraging our expertise, we’ve now integrated fiat payments with Cryptocurrency payments, globally.  If your organization sees the need to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, we have the solution! 

Interchange Optimization:

At PayZoom, we helped launch the merchant services industry into the Interchange-Plus pricing model back in the early 2000’s.  Now, nearly every client we have and every prospect we meet is utilizing this great pricing program.  There’s only so much “Plus” to go around so the best way to optimize pricing for an organization is to help manage Interchange.  There are certain data points that Visa and Mastercard desire in order to lower the cost of card acceptance.  At PayZoom, we help you manage those data points through education and software automation.  Through our Custom API, we can help you integrate your Enterprise Payments with our proprietary Interchange Optimization tools.  Stop saving hundreds of dollars and start saving THOUSANDS of dollars with our custom Interchange Optimization software and terminals.